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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving forward

I have had the privilege of travelling the world and experiencing distinctive cities in all their uniqueness and, when I long for home, I am fortunate to come back to Hamilton.  I find this city to be the perfect combination of what I love so much in other cities; there is, of course, some exception. 

We have the inimitable escarpment, gorgeous waterfront (the nice part), quick access to the largest city in Canada as well as wine country, a predominantly unpretentious population born from a century of blue-collar labourers, a flourishing art scene, and genuine distraught amongst its residents about how misunderstood this city is by outsiders.  We have all watched Hamilton’s music scene develop; now the attention is on the growing art scene.  I am so unbelievably excited for the day that Hamilton catches up to other relevant major cities in another very important category: food. 

When I travel anywhere, I am most excited to experience new styles of food, original dining concepts, and unconventional tastes.  Hamilton, in the grand scheme of its life, is just starting this foray into the interesting world of food.  I am going to write about this from two perspectives: as an eager diner discovering what this growing city has to offer and as a person from the restaurant industry offering commentary on Hamiltonians as diners. 

Ultimately, I look forward to uncovering the culinary innovations in my hometown, Hamilton. 

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